Bill Clinton signed book...

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pretty cool...he didn't write the book, but all the money from the book sales go to his charity they put these books up for sale and he signed a few of them to get the sales going...sold out in a day...i was lucky enough to get one of the signed books.
I met him when he was down here in Houston campaigning for her in '08. Seemed like a pretty cool guy. When He and George H.W. Bush teamed up for the Tsunami Relief, President Bush was really touched by something President Clinton did. The plane they were flying on had only one bed and there were the two of them. President Clinton deferred to President Bush and let him sleep on the bed, as he was elder. President Clinton, in turn, curled up under a blanket on the floor of the plane. Since the two of them left the White House they actually seem to have become pretty good friends, just like President Ford and President Carter. That is a pretty amazing pick up! Congrats!
I saw the Clinton's and the Gore's on that bus tour they did in 1992 for the election...couldn't even get close to them...whole town was out in i was glad to get this.

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