Black Friday Blowout...2008 SPx 3 Boxes and 1 2014 Prizm Draft

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Oct 8, 2007
Ramona, CA

Thanks to selling some stuff on ebay, but mostly from helping Boots with his want list, I decided to treat myself to some boxes. Kept watching for something super and saw they had boxes of 2008 SPx baseball for $59.99. Couldn't afford it when it first came out, as boxes were going for over $100 each. Each box comes with 10 packs, with a guaranteed hit in every pack and lots of Junior autographs and Kershaw autographed RC.
I have opened the first two boxes and, I am glad I did, before watching box breaks on Youtube, as I did a whole lot better than the boxes I saw busted.
Just listing the first box now, since I should have been in bed an hour ago. First surprise was every box has a bonus pack that includes an auto and a yankee legacy card (did we finish that set?) The one is Winfield 5078
Base: all Die cut
4 5 17 19 28 29 43 51 53 67 75 77 79 91 99

Junior American Hero #/725
Kg 11 34 54 75

Autos 4 base Rookies Part of base set 1 Young Star
2008 SPx Silver #102 Emilio Bonifacio AU
2008 SPx #118 Josh Anderson AU (RC)
Team: Houston Astros
2008 SPx #128 Ian Kennedy AU RC
Team: New York Yankees
2008 SPx #142 Luis Mendoza AU (RC)
Team: Texas Rangers
Alexi Castillo Young Star Signatures Twins

Winning Materials All Numbered 5 relic 1 Patch per box
J. D. Drew Red Sox 118/125
Curt Schilling Red Sox 081/125
Ivan Rodriguez Tigers Blue 34/99
Hank Blalock RangersBlue Position 14/75
Casey Kotchman Angels Triple Jersey 14/15
and finally,

2008 SPx Winning Trios Silver Limited Patch #BHJ Adrian Beltre/Felix Hernandez/Kenji Johjima Team: Seattle Mariners 13/25 beautiful patches with two near definite HOFs!
Will post scans when I get a chance.
Will list box two when I get a chance...since "She Who Must Be Obeyed" wants the family room cleaned.

Oh, by the way, the last two packs of box 2, blew box 1 away. :cool:
Thanks for looking.
Opened box two and three...will list the base set together.
6 (2) Chipper 9 12 18(2) 21 30 (2) 33 38 42 (2) 45 48 54 (2) 57 60 64 66 (2) Jeter 69 78 81 84 90 (2) 93 94 97
Base autos 101 129 131 (Silver) 132 138

Young Stars Autos
ALexi Casilla Twins
Chris Duncan Cardinals
Francisco Liriano Twins
Josh Anderson Braves

Yankee Stadium 537 Gehrig 1258 Frankie Crosetti

Griffey KG 1 4 5 7 19 20

Winning Materials
Derek Lee 74/150 Cubs
Francisco Liriano 188/150 Twins
Carlos Beltran 25/125 Mets
Dan Haren 29/125 A's
Jermaine Dye 34/125 White Sox
Adrian Gonzalez 95/99 Padres
Chris Burke 13/99 Chris Burke
Geoff Jenkins 81/99 Phillies
A. J. Burnett 43/50 Blue Jays
Ben Sheets 3/20 Brewers

2008 SPx Winning Materials Baseball 99 #RO Roy Oswalt 35/99 Astros
2008 SPx Winning Materials Limited Patch Team Initials #PM Pedro Martinez 29/50

and...the nice hits from box 2
Young Star Ryan Braun 2007 ROY 2011 NL MVP
2008 SPx Ken Griffey Jr. American Hero Boxscore #KG33 Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1!!
That's a great Griffey 1/1... why do they mention a Reds/Pirates game that Aaron Boone won on a Griffey Mariners card?!

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