Blowout Cards - Black Friday Extravaganza!

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There forum is gone... lol Another casualty.

Guess they didn't upgrade enough.. ohh well..
Can't even log on to their forums. Thier server is too busy and they will allow access AFTER the promotions are done.

So much for getting some deals.
You have to follow them on their facebook page. Seems like most of the deals are only for one box, though, so you must be fast with your F5 button.
I tried for 2 hours but you need to be faster than fast. I wasted those hours that I could have been sorting cards. Not going to that again next black friday.
other than the exquisite cases that sold out quickly the other deals are not very good. waste of time for me.
I was able to get a couple of boxes into my cart, but not fast enough to pull the trigger on anything. Probably would be interesting next year to get some folks together on one of their case deals.
I'm glad that I didn't spend too much time looking fo anything. The stuff that looked close to interestingwere gone in about 1 second. Never had a chance even if I did want something. I would say that this is going to hurt Blowout. Maybe next year they should have more than one box of each special available.
Judging by what I've read above, I made a good decision to skip trying to score any Blowout deals from this morning. I tried last year and didn't get anything, so I wasn't keen about trying it again. I usually fare better with their regular weekly specials. :)
yea... i spent 2 hours of time i could"ve spent making turkey sandwiches... i had to follow them on twitter... it seemed like the only REAL deals were posted up on thier ebay store and once they posted they were gone in seconds :(
Dave and Adam's also has some great deals, and they add another "insanely priced" box every 15 minutes or so, the latest highlight was a box of Press Pass Football for $30, pretty amazing considering there's 5 autos in a box!

While Dave & Adam's have had a few really good deals, most have been pretty average... around an extra 10% off or so....
I had trouble with Black Friday on Blowoutcards also but I was able to score 3 boxes of 08 Donruss EEE from Blowoutcards and they were great. NFT but pulled a Posey auto and a full card patch auto in one box. Base cards, pulled 7 or 8 Mike Stantons at $6 each. On top of all the reg autos pulled a Patch Auto #d15 in another. The third only yielded a gold Status card #d 25 but at $40 for 20 5 card packs and you are guaranteed 5 autos. 2 other jersey cards... OJ Mayo Jersey and Kat Osterman Jersey....Blowoutcards found a new customer.