Bobby Cox's Final Game IP success LONG READ!!!

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Apr 8, 2008
Haven't been on in a while... I've pretty much stopped trading and buying cards, but still enjoy graphing just haven't had time lately because I got a new house and all my extra time and money are going toward fixing it up right now... As for my graphing experience, I will start it by saying that that I live in Mississippi and the closest MLB team to me is the Atlanta Braves (about 5 hrs away) and my dad took me to my first game there when i was a kid in 1991 (at the old Fulton County Stadium), and every summer since then my dad and I have gone to at least one game there and some summers as many as 4 or 5... We've both been busy lately but my dad called and asked if i wanted to go to Atlanta with him to see what we both figured would probably be Bobby Cox's last game in Atlanta... We went early to try and get Bobby's auto before the game at the player parking lot, but no luck with him. I did however get these before the game

1 Eddie Perez 8x10 personalized
1 Roger McDowell 5x7
2 Don Sutton cards
1 Terry Pendleton card
1 Kyle Farnsworth ball
Mark Lemke and Leo Mazzone on a '95 W.S. photo

Even though the Braves lost it was one of the most exciting games I've ever been to... After the game I decided to go back to the player parking lot and try for bobby one more time.... Mike Dunn, Omar Infante, Peter Moylan, Johnny Venters, Jair Jurrjens, Diory Hernandez and Brooks Conrad all signed but i didn't get a single graph becuase wasted my time trying to get bobby who didn't even sign. The game had been over for more than an hour and there were only a hand full of cars left in the lot and all the people trying to graph left but me and about 3 or 4 more... I figured the last few cars were trainers or equipment managers and was about to leave but i decided to ask the security guard if anyone was left and he told me he knew McCann was still in there so I decided to wait it out... I knew I had missed some people leaving and didn't even know if anyone was in there besides McCann and then at 1:15 am (the game ended at 11:30pm) Rick Ankiel, Brian McCann, Tommy Hanson, David Ross, and Jason Heyward all came out together and all came over and signed!!!! I got:

1 card of ankiel
1 card of ross
1 magazine cover of mccann
1 magazine of hanson
heyward signed a ball, a card, a program he was on the cover of, and my hat

By far this was the latest i have ever waited around to get autographs but the security guard told me if i was willing to wait that i could probably get mccann because he was pretty good about signing especially since there weren't but 3 people out there all the other guys who came out with him were just an awesome surprise!

Hate I didn't get Bobby's auto but a very fun trip!
sucks that u didnt get Bobby Cox, but i think it was deffinately worth the wait to get the other autos!!!

btw i love long reads, keep em coming!! congrats!!
Thanks guys!

Andrew, I will definetly drop you a pm if I am able to make it to Mobile next season, you can show all the good graphing spots :)