Boston red sox for trade


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Hello fellow collectors and traders. I have returned to this site to try and make some deals. I am a die hard Red Sox collector who has accumulated a lot of duplicate items. I am looking to trade these items for stuff I dont have. I have a huge amount of cards too, way too many to list. Below is a list of what I have to trade. If you are interested in anything, shoot me an offer. Keep in mind I only want Red Sox in return. Thanks for looking and I hope to hear from some of you.

Starting Lineup Figures- unopened

1990 Wade Boggs
1998 Nomar Garciaparra
1999 Nomar Garciaparra
1999 Pedro Martinez
1999 Classic Doubles Nomar Garciaparra

McFarlane Figures

MLB 28 Daisuke Matsuzaka Collector Level Bronze Red Jersey


Sports Illustrated March 27 2007 Pedro Martinez Baseball preview issue
1983 Official Yearbook Carl Yastrzemski cover
1995 Official Yearbook Mo Vaughn, Jose Canseco cover
1984 First edition scorebook magazine Wade Boggs Jim Rice cover
1979 third edition scorebook magazine Fred Lynn cover - have 2 of these
1990 American league championship series official souvenir program Roger Clemens cover
1988 American league championship series official souvenir program Roger Clemens, Bruce
Hurst cover
1985 Offical yearbook Tony Armas cover
1987 Official yearbook Roger Clemens cover
1980 official yearbook Fred Lynn cover
1991 second edition official scorebook magazine
1988 official yearbook Wade Boggs Roger Clemens cover
1999 offical All Star program Fenway Park


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another big sox collector here with tons of dupes....maybe we can work out a deal......
I have a general wantlist in my sig....but, really mostly looking for lower numbered stuff or au/gu I don't have.....there's a few au/gu ft in my picassa as well. I have a hard time keeping my dupes lists current...maybe you could give me an idea of what you're looking for....

I would be interested in this for non-card items
1999 offical All Star program Fenway Park


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Welcome to the Bench,
Let me hop in line behind always ;). I could probably use a few of the programs/yearbooks/SLU's (my lists are not so good for those). I have a ton of SOX cards to trade if you have a want list posted somewhere, I'll see what I can hit. You can find my want lists on my Bench blog (in my sig).



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I haven't forgotten about you, I am working on inventory-ing all my cards. You originally mentioned you could use some of the stuff I listed for mags and figures. If you r interested I will give you a good deal for some of the cards you found from my list. Thanks