Review Bowman Inception M L B


5.00 star(s)
Bowman Inception M L B

One pack
5 Cards
4 Autos and 1 Auto'd relic

I received these:

Eric Jagielo
Miguel Almonte
Matt Olson

All blue Sharpee on card autos!

Inception is a premium issue - each card is thick (about 3 times thicker than regular cards.) The design is simple - a baseball. The single player photo pops on the card. The player is glossy and the background is matte finish. Each card is a prospect auto. Because of the thickness of the cards, they are sensitive to condition and corners will easily 'ding.'

As prospect cards, these should be hidden away for a few years, pulled out, and see if you have gold or coal....

Alex Bandino #ed to 99 - green


Christian Binford #ed to 50

I gotta say - this is one of the coolest patches that I have received. It looks more like an Astros patch than a KC patch (might be from a minor league jersey..) This auto is a sticker - unimpressed!!:(

Bowman Inception is a great issue for the prospect speculator and the team collector. One will be able to find several parallels to each card - might have to go to the 'bay or some other site to chase them.

Overall grade B+ ALL autos should be on card for this issue.

Go buy several packs and send the Rays prospects to me!