Bowman woes

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May 10, 2003
Fort Plain,NY
Picked up 4 blasters of 2010 Bowman today and knew what I was getting into but that's ok since I don't bust a whole lot anyway. Out of my 4 blasters,almost all the Chromes in one of them (the first one I opened) had all severely off-center backs. The worst part about it was one of them was Stephen Strasburg :(

Luckily I kept all the packs seperate and stuffed em back in each box as I was opening them and I'll be sending em back asking for replacements with a special emphasis that Strasburg was one of the cards. Saw someone on another board with a similar experience send in an off-centered Bryce Harper Chrome and got back a common chrome as a replacement,boy was that guy pissed.

Have all I need to send back to Topps per their replacement rules so I hope they can make things better.

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I didn't know they would do that. If they do it will be honorable and showing fans they are with you in the bad times. Good for topps.