Break Complete! 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball 6 Jumbo Box Team Auction Style Group Case Break


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It's the flagship too which is going to be the least valuable topps product this year. $300 for Ray's? Nah I just bought 4 Wanders for about 4 bucks a piece saves a lot of 💰 but hey it pays for the break!
You bought 4 2022 Wander Topps RCs for $4 each??? Where did you find that deal? I’ll pay you $16 for two of them, that would make the two you have remaining free!


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Just look at eBay completed sales. Or ongoing sales. Stupid, stupid amounts. Like, the Jasson Dominguez idiocy. People with too much money burning a hole in their pocket. He hits the auto redemption, he pays for a car.

😳well I wasn’t expecting to see that! Just think if he gets hurt. SMH. High risk, high reward I guess.

May be worth buying a case