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Jun 11, 2005
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Washington State - The Pacific NW
First off, I really can't believe I logged on this morning to see that I had won. Then, the shock of the price was enough to make my day! All I can say is that I hope it reaches me w/o issue. I hesitate to discuss wins before they are in hand (stuff happens sometimes), but I couldn't wait on this piece!

This piece contains the following signatures, most who were with Brooklyn in 1941. All are deceased, many long ago. Several All Stars and a couple HOFers too:

Joe Medwick (D. 75) (HOF)
Freddie Fitzsimmons (D. 79)
Chuck Dressen (D. 66)
Alex Kampouris (D. 93)
John Hudson (D. 70) - 1940
Curt Davis (D. 65) (AS)
Herman Franks (D. 09)
Luke Hamlin (D. 78)
Kemp Wicker (D. 73)
Pete Reiser (D. 81) (AS)

Joe Gallagher (D. 98) - 1940
Lee Grissom (D. 98) (AS)
Cookie Lavagetto (D. 90) (AS)
Dixie Walker (D. 82) (AS)
Jimmie Wasdell (D. 83)
Paul Waner (D. 65) (HOF)
Morris Arnovich (D. 59) (AS) - ??? (Played in PhilP/NYG in 40-42 range)
Whit Wyatt (D. 99) (AS)
Lester Berg - ??? (Career minor leaguer, played in Atlanta/Montreal in the 1940-42 range)
Chuck Dressen (D. 66) - again!

Some key signatures for me are:

Morris Arnovich. He died in 1959 and was a 1 time AS. Not only does he fill an important hole in my AS collection finally, but he was Jewish and that adds a level of collectibility to his stuff that otherwise may not have been there with a player of his ability/statistics.

Paul Waner. I just landed my first Waner a few months ago, but this one is a nice addition!

John Hudson, Joe Gallagher and Kemp Wicker: All Dodgers players I didn't have signatures from already.

Then there is a nice selection of slightly tougher AS/HOFers, like Medwick, Reiser, Davis and Dressen that don't come around every day or cheap for that matter.

I consider this a huge steal!!
i was watching that one...same seller had some other nice stuff in the past...they are on my list lol.

nice score at that price for sure.
I don't remember exactly how, but I accidentally stumbled upon this. Goes to show that ebay can be the "market rate", but any given moment, the "market" could not be paying attention!

I was looking at another buyers recent wins, because he had sniped me on a cool old Brookly auto'd card. Saw that he had won a 1955 Topps Karl Spooler auto for under $40. AMAZING price. Obviously this one slipped by most! He has 2 signatures on ebay currently...both are over $200!
Hey Curt
Now thats what I would call of stolen identity.
Great list of some old time players and just think I wasnt even born yet lol
Nice item. I wonder how many of these are hidden away in places. Congrats!