BSL Update: 2022#21 - World Series Set


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Royals vs Milwaukee

Export deadline is TOMORROW (Wed) at noon central, UNLESS I don't have Milwaukee's export by then. If I don't, he will have until Thursday at noon before I will run it.

I won in 2013. I lost in 2010. Those are my only two World Series appearances in 15 years of BSL history (2007-2022)

I have made the playoffs in 12 of 15 seasons!


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I had the initial championship and figured it was easy. I do have one since then. Not as easy as I thought originally. LOL Good luck to both teams.


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Darn, was hoping either the Cubs or Tigers would make the World Series...but I knew it would have to be an upset for them to do so.

Congrats to the the Brewers and Royals, should be an interesting Series.