Bucky Dent IP 11/19/2010

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Feb 9, 2010
Raleigh, NC
What a great way to start my Thanksgiving vacation...with an IP of Bucky Dent who led the Yankees to a World Series with his famous home run against the Red Sox. Took a lot of swallowing my pride this morning in meeting him and asking for his auto but I am glad I did.

I waited at the event since I was not in attendance of his breakfast meeting. Once it was over only 10 people were in line to meet him for pictures and autographs. He was a super nice guy and we talked for about 5 minutes. I got the hint that he doesn't care for the new Yankee stadium that much and they he missed the old one. He was very gracious in signing my MLB baseball and taking a picture with me. Only thing was, he didnt do inscriptions and only one autograph per person. I tried so sorry everyone.

This has been my first IP in quite some time and glad I made the decision to go through with it...even though it was a retired Yankee.

Bucky and me


Bucky's sig - OMLB.

Looks like a fancy place, was this held at your house? ;)

I wish it was my house. It was held in the Cardinal Club of the Wachovia building downtown Raleigh. For those who are afraid of heights, its only 28 stories up.

My wife and I had our wedding reception here so it brought back some cool memories.
LOL! Yeah it was. I brought up our honeymoon. My wife and I went to NYC and actually was there during the last opening week for old Yankee Stadium. So we talked about the old stadium and the new one. He does not care for the new one, he said it was "different."

So I went with this. Figured it was a lot safer then hey Bucky, I'm a Red sox fan and you ruined the '78 Series for us...:)