But Shipping Is Free ...

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My first box purchase ....way back in 1991! Even then it was about $15.00 per box. On the bright side....You get 200 eBay bucks!! Best regards, David
Maybe he meant to start it at $12 and just hit too many zeros! ;)


as soon as i saw it , my first thought was he typed 12000 when he intended to type 120.00.....

granted , the seller may be clueless as many people are regarding "old" cards that are obviously worth a fortune by now (note - i'm not being intentionally sarcastic - just noting the opinion of uninformed people who happen to have cards from that era without realizing the actual values) .....on the other hand , he may have been human (meaning he made a mistake)....before ridiculing , i'd actually e-mail him and ask since 120 might actually be reasonable for both a buyer or seller.......but that's just me....
This reminds me of the other stuff.........

92 Topps Archives Basketball does not, in fact, have Michael Jordan RC's in them. They took the baseball card format and applied it to some of the NBA Rookies of those years to see what it would look like for those years that they didn't have a basketball issue, and made a set out of it.

People still pay for that card.

Albert Pujols RC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a picture of him on a card my brother could produce with the right stock of cardboard.

My husband had a heart attack, and so I'm selling his collection.

Stuff like that amuses me, especially when I look at completed items and see that some of it sold.