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Hey guys
I had a great day regarding the hobby today. I got a pickup in about every conventional way except for IP (those will come Monday :D). Here's what I ended up with.

Mickey Mantle GU (grey jersey, bat, white jersey #'d 8/10) - From Collector's Den in Wichita Falls, TX (FINALLY! It took me waaaayyyy to long to get this paid all the way off! Very expensive card - definitely not FT)

Jack McKeon 3/3 c/o Home in 6 days

Josh Hamilton Turkey Red GU Bat Card - eBay

All in all, a fantastic day for me. I could get used to this. :D

Thanx for looking!

Ellis Shoe

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Hey Aaron, there is no pricing for that one numbered /10, but the triple GU from that set numbered /25 are 100 so definitely more than that.