By the time I get my 2010 Topps...


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I ordered 3 Jumbo boxes of 2010 Topps from Charm City Cards. They're due to finally arrive this week. I know it's not CCC's fault, but this is ridiculous. By the time I get them and organize, I won't be able to find anyone to trade with.
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David K.

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Know how you feel....ordered four boxes of bowman chrome a few years ago with my local hobby store.....their order never got delivered.....and had to be reordered....and while I waited..everyone else was trading away! Hopefully, you will get some good stuff from the jumbo's!! If you pull any gold cards of any Twin players keep me in mind for a possible trade. Best regards, David


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Keep me in mind for any Nolan Ryan cards you might pull! Unless you are only looking for 2010 Topps....I don't buy packs unfortunately.


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I know what you mean. I've got a case of Jumbos coming. Was told they should be in this week. I CAN ONLY HOPE!!!


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I am working on the Gold #/2010 set so if your not doing that set I am sure we can work out a trade or two.

Good Luck with you boxes,