Can anyone help me with this last elusive 2006 baseball card of Griffey?


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Can anyone out there help me by either selling or trading me this elusive card I need to complete a 2006 Topps Chrome Black Border set

2006 Turkey Red (White Border version) of card # 582 Cal Ripken....FINALLY YAY 9/1/10 found the Ripken White through ebay seller who looked at his other stuff and sold me my last 582 Ripken needed
to complete the 2005 and 2006 Turkey Red White Border sets

NOW down to....

2006 Topps Chrome Black Border Refractor version #d to 549 of card # 221 Ken Griffey

plus a second one for a 90 card card #/Uniform #set
1998 Topps TEK Mike Mussina card # 80 pattern# 35
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