CANADA TTM question

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
any9one send from US to canada TTM? sending to a hockey team and the return HAS to be canda postage or does US postage OK? thanks!
you need Canadian Postage. which if you think about it makes sense... you buy US stamps that "pays" USPS to deliver your mail... buy Canadian stamps to "pay" Canada Post to do the same.

I live in Canada and we can work out a "postage trade" if you'd like, if you only need a few... I can always use American stamps. Or I'm sure you can order stamps online at
wow! I'm surprised.

It's a different country, different postal service.

that being said... I've had a few SASEs with Canadian postage travel back to me from the States. I sent to Rob Ducey and Brad Arnsberg c/o the Jays and expecting the mail to come back from Toronto I put Canadian postage on the SASE... but they came back during Spring Training post marked from Florida.

I think sometimes you get lucky that whoever is processing it just sees a stamp with a number on it that corresponds to "enough postage" and he/she doesn't realize it's another country's stamp (doesn't recognize the stamp but maybe figures it's new).

I usually use 2 US Stamps each way & have never had a problem