Review Clearly Authentic 2019


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Clearly Authentic 2019

One encased autographed acetate card per box.

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Box top...

The card....

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Sean Manaea #ed to 99

Sorry for the not so sharp pics.... hard to scan an encased card...

Clearly Authentic... in my opinion, this is an issue for the gambler and the player collector. One card per box - could be a star - Yelich, Trout, Bryant, Altuve, Judge, Verlander, Strasburg, or you could get a non-star #ed to 99. Now if it's your favorite player, Yatzee!!!, if not, buy another box. Odds of me pulling a Ray or a star Astro, probably not real great. But some will win and there will be some excellent pulls in this issue.

The execution and presentation of the card I received is excellent. The auto is kind of weird -- maybe the guy can't write??

Overall grade B+ -- I still say, in premium issues -- cards should not be numbered over 25.... maybe it's just me...

Go buy several boxes (cards) and send the Rays (if there are any) to me.



5.00 star(s)
Could use it for a friend who collects A's if you are trading. I have a blake snell '19 topps retro hat logo patch & mike zunino finest xfractor rc autograph if interested. Thanks,