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I have been organizing my collection for the last year or so as I have gotten back into the hobby. I have 33,672 cards in my personal collection 120,000 for trade and about 100,000 in binders that still need to be gone through and was wondering how many other people had in their collections. These are cards I will not trade and are mine forever and the number grows daily until I get everything organized. I will update it as it grows!!!!!! Please share as this interests me a lot.

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I am going to say over 100,000 but I have to really sit down with my set list and add it up. Sounds like a project for a long weekend. I am not sure I really want to know the answer though.




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All I collect is non sport cards photos ect,

Vintage 125
Autos 124
Swatches 127
Other 18

Only have 25 items for trade,


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I have over 100,000 cards in my set collections I will have to check my lists to see how many different sets i have plus about 2,000 cards of tops stars in all 4 major sports also have around 100,000 cards for trade all sports


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Good thread!
Tough to say, but I'd estimate somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000, probably more. I have many complete sets, both in my PC and available to trade, as well as many singles. Someday maybe I'll get around to getting a more definite count.


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Across all sports, about 140,000. Broken down to roughly 50% baseball, 25% hockey, 10% football, 10% basketball, 5% everything else (soccer, racing, etc.)

I mostly do autographs. Gotten close to 5,000 cards signed.


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what started out as a simple little project for a family member has turned into a monster.We have 4 three ring binders (3.5 thick)full of cards,no dupes...I never dreamed there where so many VT cards out there ! and my own pc is just...well,I'll call it a closet full of binders and boxes and leave it at that :O


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I have roughly 185,000 not counting dupes. That is just baseball and does not count the magazines, SLU's, and all the other junk I have. I have nearly all the Beckett's from issue 1-275. A huge collection of Street & Smith that my uncle gave me. Totes full of other junk.

And i hope my wife does not see this thread!!!


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i'd estimate the most i've ever had at any one time was in the 2.5 million range , but right now i'm still just a little bit beyond the 2 million mark.... ALL my cards (unless part of a jointly owned purchase for resale) are considered a part my PC - although i do sell and trade some items i have less attachment to for items i prefer.....while i really hate getting rid of cards (even items bought specifically as resale material) , thanks to my current housing situation i am trying to downsize by 500k or so to raise some much needed funds and free up some desperately needed space as well (just try to imagine 2 million cards and 20 fulltime indoor cats crammed into a house less than 700 sq feet - and possibly having to squeeze them into something even smaller)....


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being a set collector I have a $#!t ton:

1978, 1979, 1981-1987, 1989-2014 topps complete sets (1/2 factory, 1/2 hand made)
1974, 1981-1994, 1996-2014 topps traded update sets (2002 is missing 1-110, have 111+)
2000-2013 topps opening day sets
2000-2014 topps chrome sets (a few are not complete)
a few topps chrome traded sets still working on
insert sets from 2001, 2002, 2008 chrome, 2011 topps

I have reduced to just the above from having these additionally:
1981-1993 donruss
1986-1992 donruss rookies
1981-1993 fleer
1985-1993 fleer update
1988-1993 score
1988-1992 score traded
1989-1992 bowman
1989-1993 upper deck
1998-2003 upper deck mvp sets
25 duplicate sets of 1987 topps, 1989 donruss, fleer, score

other collectable sets:
1989 upper deck
1984 fleer
2011 diamond and cognac anniv sets (still working on)
2006-2013 a&g sets (still working on)
a few other topps trader sets (1987, 1989, 2005, 2010, 2007, 2011)

single card collection:

ken Griffey junior singles collection in top loaders in 2 3row shoe boxes, getting ready to start another small shoe box.

star player collection of rookie thru 2010 of each year and each major brand (10 2 inch binders full of pages, about 80% complete, still missing lots of cards from 1996-1999)

trader cards are set filling singles from 1981-2013 in about 7 3200 ct boxes, extra rookie cards, some mini sets, and more can be found on my trade page.

constantly debating parting with it all (or even parts of it) but don't know how much to ask for. if interested for any part of it contact me with an offer.
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Counting doubles I have about 2,000 in my main player collection (Trent Dilfer)
I would estimate 40-50,000 in my baseball collection, mostly A's
Maybe 1,000 in the rest of my football collection plus any other sports
20,000 or so in complete and incomplete sets
Probably 20,000+ cards for trade
Maybe 50,000 cheapie baseball/football/other sport cards that I would consider part of my "collection" simply because I'm not actively trying to trade or get rid of them



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I would estimate over 200K but not exact. That is based on the number of sets, fillers, and everything else I have to include PC and trade stuff.


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My "collection", by which I mean cards I actually collect and want to keep, is probably somewhere in the 3000-4000 card range. Then there's the other 80K+ cards I have accumulated along the way that I just can't seem to move fast enough.