Collectors Database error

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Aug 30, 2007
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The Michigan Thumb
I was sending out some PM's to those on the lists, and got this error with a couple of them.

Array ( [0] => The following users were not found:

1. The_Glavintor


I looked into this a little bit and discovered why this happened. This member had his username get fixed so it is now The_Glavinator. Therefore, my PM's to all members of that player don't go through. Can a MOD fix this problem?
I am sorry I am way behind on this forum, Finally getting to some things I had meant to do around Christmas time, I need to double check, But The_Glavinator may have to remove himself from player collector database and then re add himself, I will get this figured out in a day or two,

As far as I can tell He will need to go into his user CP and Make the changes himself.
Could you tell him via PM to do this then? I'm guessing a MOD telling him nicely to would be the best way to go since I'm assuming he hasn't read this.