Combined Chrome/Prizm claim-by-number sale, $0.25-$12, all RCs/parallels, sortable

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Apr 3, 2007
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Rowlett, TX
Finally just combining my Topps Chrome and Prizm sale threads. Got to be too much to keep track of, also only using the Google Sheet format for now. Have added a handful of cards since last posting.

Cross posted, timestamp takes precedence.

All cards are the following types:
Topps Chrome - RCs or refractors, no veteran base, no other Topps brands
Prizm - silver or color, no base
Optic - holo or color, no base
Select - silver or color, no base. However, I didn't label the Levels very well. If it's not marked "Field Level", assume it's a lower level, priced accordingly.

Cards are initially sorted by team, then year, then brand, then player. Players are listed with their pictured team so they may appear under multiple teams. "Washington" is at the bottom.

Terms and other helpful stuff:
- $3 minimum purchase
- $4 flat shipping, bubble mailer w/tracking no matter how many you buy. No PWE option for this thread due to the nature & pricing.
- Shipping may be combined with my website or eBay listings.
- Claim in thread. PMs will run the risk of missing a claim due to another buyer posting. If you want to PM me, please do so after replying to the thread first.
- Prices as marked, no negotiating please, just claim or don't... offers will not be considered claims.
- Not every card is a PSA 10. These are nice cards, but have existed on the Earth for several years. And please read the condition notes!
- Please claim by number / numerical range, not by type or description, to make it clear to other traders. Indicate whether Topps or Panini!
- Please do not edit replies or you will run the risk of missing a claim. Just post a new reply if claiming more cards!
- Keep it fun!

Below are the Google Sheet links... you can re-sort by player, year, parallel type, price, etc. Ctrl+F is also useful for searching.

Topps Chrome Google Sheet

Prizm Google Sheet

Thanks for the read!
I'll grab these:
38Buccaneers2018SelectChris GodwinSilver (Field Level)$1.50
53Chargers2017SelectMike WilliamsSilver (Field Level)RC$8.00
54Chargers2017SelectMike WilliamsSilver (Premier Level)RC$4.00
159Steelers2018SelectMason RudolphSilverRC$4.00
160Steelers2018SelectT.J. WattSilver (Field Level)$2.50

From your site:
2019 Optic Holo TJ Hockenson - $5

Do you have a link to your eBay listings?