COMC mailed my cards!!!!!!

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Dec 30, 2007
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Norwich, NY
I've been on COMC as a flipper for around five years. I buy cards, sell them, set the profits aside and reinvest what I paid for the cards into a new ones. I use the profits to purchase cards I need for sets I'm building. It's a slow process, but I find buying cards this way more rewarding than if I just paid for them out of my pocket.

Anyway, after about a year of doing this, I finally requested delivery of around 100 cards and a few comic books on April 18th. I knew they had shipping issues because of the pandemic and rules/policies/mandates that Washington state put in place resulting in a backlog in the hundreds of thousands or orders. Initially they estimated that it would be delivered on August 10th. Well, August 10th came and went. After this, I wasn't expecting to get this order any time soon.

This morning I received an email from them saying my order has been mailed. I'm happy about it too say the least - included in this order is a bunch of 1971 Topps High numbered cards including a Willie Mays - but at the same time I feel somewhat cheated by this experience. I know it's odd to say this, but I probably could have walked there from Upstate NY in a faster amount of time then it took them to mail it.

Supposedly they have hired many new employees so I hope their delivery time will improve as time goes on. I still have a couple of hundred in inventory. However, I am hesitant from buying from them ever again.

Any thoughts?
Wait 12-18 months and it will probably recover to pre covid levels. Otherwise pay more to wait longer. I have shipped one order but did express
I currently have about 200 cards ready to be shipped to me. Economy is $10 but won’t be delivered until January. Rushed is $100 and it will arrive Oct 10. That’s so expensive.
My three months wait (ordered first week in June).....using enconomy shipping and finally got it on Sept 20, 2021.....getting my next order to sportlots! Best regards, David
I am so sorry to everyone that we have a thread that expresses our excitement that COMC actually did what they are supposed to do and got your orders out. I had to jump through hoops to get an order cancelled that I placed in May, was supposed to ship mid-September!! I hope they get things turned back around, because I don't plan to buy from them again, and I know a lot of people are real hesitant right now to buy. Frustrating, they were a good service for quite some time.


I was in staffing/HR for 15 yrs before a promotion and career change. Every company nationwide is trying to hire including my own. We schedule 10-15 interviews on one day and we are lucky if one or two show. In order to compete with every other company we have increased our pay.....and in turn raised our prices multiple times this yr. Between not being able to staff our shops, increased shipping costs (500%) and lack of material to produce our goods... it has been one struggle after another.

My company is essential so we never closed, but I personally heard many employees wish they could get laid off or actually get this flu in order to make more $ to not work.

Until we can get people back to work I do not see any of these delays from COMC or any other company to subside any time soon.
I currently have about 200 cards ready to be shipped to me. Economy is $10 but won’t be delivered until January. Rushed is $100 and it will arrive Oct 10. That’s so expensive.
Expensive is an understatement! Even before the pandemic started, their delivery times were long but nothing like this. I just wish they could truly figure this out so that it's more aligned to other online retail/consignment operations. Outside of this huge issue, I've liked COMC. However, until this is resolved, I'm going to focus more on selling on Sportlots and