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Jan 29, 2010
Lawrenceville, Ga.
I have to ask why some trades think using VHTG or HTG is justified? Because other people use it so it is fine? Every print that is 500 or less that goes with out saying. I mean there are millions of collectors and to have a short print that is what it means. So there is no need to mention it. Unless the person is a absolute idiot he or she will know that.

Then you hear I am adding because it has a stripe. Gosh does this annoy any one else. BV is BV unless other wise told in your guide, and any one that falls for that malarkey is not helping. And the other one I am trading so much in my favor. Okay I know this game is about me me me me. But I stay away from those traders. I mean trading some times you are a few bucks apart and you give the trader difference heck that is cool.

But to justify any other way is ludicrous in my opinon. Then you get the people that say I want sale value. I say go sell it then why trade. If there sale value is higher then BV I could careless about that. I think most members use BV to trade. But I wanted you guys and gals to share you thought on this as well.
Thank you
"VHTG or HTG" doesn't usually indicate the collector's recognition of the print run but rather their willingness to part with the card.
To me, if a card is VHTG or HTG to someone, they usually won't end up parting with it so why even list it as available. Further, if a card is in your PC that is fine, but I have when folks say that PC is available...sometimes....for the right deal....yada yada yada
I think when people say "VHTG" or "HTG" they mean that they want a card that really appeals to them not just some other card that matches up in bv. As far as the stripe in the game used i completely agree with you on that.

Hi all I appreciate your comments. As you all see everyone seems to have there own definition for VHTG or HTG. I will say it again it is implied by the short print. Agree with this fact or not. I worked in the fine paper industry for 33 years. I know a little something about printing. This is a trade sight and if you not willing to trade as many members do is to mark the card NFT. Or say it is PC I think everyone respects those two letters. But my comment is not change by peoples own preceptions. Getting a small number of anything to a large contingent is just that in short supply. Okay I will leave you with this. What ever you feel is okay. And we respect how you feel. We have one thing in common that is a love for cards.
When people on this site mark something VHTG or HTG it is not due to the print run it is due to the fact that they are not going to give it up very easily.
I agree. Most people use VHTG or HTG for cards with high value or sentimental value. I'm not sure why it's such a big deal, really
I agree that adding VHTG is meaningless to the other party. I don't care if the card you are offering is easy to part with or hard to part's irrelevant. If someone is willing to trade it, then they will only take what they feel is worth the trade. Additional commentary to warn us that we have to "come strong" is probably unnecessary. By the way, that is one of the goofiest things I have seen written in trade context..."come strong". Is that necessary? Doesn't that really mean "I want the advantage and I expect you to relinquish it because of these words I type"? I believe most of those offers are for items the owner doesn't want to part with unless they are given such a lopsided trade offer, that it is nearly impossible to resist!

However, there may be times when this type of behavior is warranted. I have used something similar, but it is usually because I am offering something a little more oddball or unique and I really have no interest in rejecting trades involving items I have no interest in. For example, I once offered postcards for sale/trade, but mentioned that I was mainly only looking for similar postcards in trade, otherwise selling was my preferred method. The same goes for the Hostess cards I have. A common panel may have a BV of $4-5, but I am not going to trade 4-5 panels for some shiny insert card that just came out of a 2010 pack with some blown out of proportion value of $20! BV is a nice reference point, but a lot of people forget that these guides rarely reflect the scarcity of older and odd issues and readily give newer cards inflated prcing. I can find $4 cash a lot easier than I can find an oddball card from the 70s! If I can't find someone who can appreciate that, then I am content to keep my cards. I buy mostly as it is, because it's easier.

I've landed some of my best cards from buckets/lists that had things categorized as such. People always will part with something if the price/trade is right. Nothing is untouchable.