COMPLETE 2 Box Break 2023 Topps Chrome Platinum Anniversary Hobby (PYT/Random)

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Jan 4, 2004
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Scheduled for Sunday 9/10/23
830 pm eastern/530 pm pacific

2 Box Break of 2022 Topps Chrome Platinum

Each spot is $20.00 shipped. Each spot gets your choice of 1 of 15 teams available, and an additional team in the random.
Once all 15 spots are filled, I will send out payment requests through the transaction manager, and request that you pay via paypal F&F. If you plan on paying through paypal G&S, please note I charge an additional $0.96 to cover fees.
Randoms will be done via on YouTube once payments are received.

cross posted SCC/The Bench

Checklist is found here

24 Packs per box, 4 cards per pack.
*Look for 1 Autograph per box.
*Look for at least 3 serial numbered per box
*Look for at least 1 X-Fractor per box
*Look for at least 6 standard refractors per box

Breakdown. You can pick one of the following 15 teams below, and the rest will be randomized so it gives everyone the chance to get a top 15 team.

Members + Team Selected.
1. Criollos Giants/Phillies
2. mcgwirenut Marlins/Angels
3. mcgwirenut Tigers/Cardinals Pirates
4. bdink25 Reds/Rays
5. calsp3 Diamondbacks/Padres
6. smithbrian524 Astros/Orioles Mets/Royals
7. Bdink25 (Buddy) White Sox/Yankees
8. Bdink25 Guardians/Mets
9. Mcgwirenut A’s/Dodgers
10. Mcgwirenut Nationals/Red Sox
11. Seawolf17 Brewers/Twins
12. Seawolf17 Blue Jays/Cubs
13. LarryG Rockies/Royals Orioles
14. AndyDrummond Rangers/Braves
15. AndyDrummond Pirates/Mariners Cardinals
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I'm offering this to members in the group break that want the 15th spot, but not necessarily the Rays...
I'm allowing only those in the break to take the 15th spot, and get a random team instead of just being stuck with the Rays.
So I will random the 16 teams remaining and whoever gets the 15th spot will get the top team on the random and the bottom team on the random, so spots 1 and 16 on the random. Obviously you'll have a 2 in 16 chance of still getting the Rays.
@seawolf17 when you get a chance, let me know if you prefer 830pm eastern Sunday or 930 pm eastern Monday for the break.
Choice due by 3pm eastern tomorrrow.

Posted the same options on SCC for the other 7 members in the break