COMPLETE Contest 9-Pick the Player who's auto I pull 2022 Leaf Metal Draft

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Oct 8, 2007
Ramona, CA
Complete. Contest 10 soon.

Breaking Sunday, 4-23-23 at 1145 PDT, after my Stadium Club Break...see link in breaks.
Simple Contest...
Breaking 2022 Leaf Box
Each box contains 5 autographs plus 1 pre-production 1/1 autographed proof.
So, just guess the name of one of the 6 players that I pull and win one of the card choices below, not one the Leaf Valiant cards.
I have four blasters of 2022 Topps Stadium Club Chrome Baseball in hand. Will break Metal Draft box 3, when next Break is full!

2022 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Cards

Long known as a haven for prospect autographs, 2022 Leaf Metal Baseball enters a new chapter that adds all-time greats to the chromium rotation.

While the box formats remain the same with six autographs per Hobby box and 10 autographs per Jumbo box, rarity is a new focus as all cards are numbered to 10 copies or less. For Hobby, one autograph in each box is a pre-production proof card, and Jumbo has three pre-production proof autographs per box.

Per Leaf, the print run was cut by 50% to "ensure short supply."
Pick the Player 9
Bill Mazerowski - anglinomics
Bret Baty - crazedfan
Brian Cashman - mm1sub
David Justice - tiggerfan
Greg Luzinski - LarryG
Jace Jung - bfd13
Jesus Baez - ricky_mn
Noah Schultz - DaSoxFan
Pete Rose - PRosefan1
Triston Casas - Cletus_83

2022 Leaf Metal Baseball Cards Checklist

2022 Leaf Metal Baseball checklist, set details, boxes for sale, release date, reviews. Hobby box has 6 autographs & Jumbo box has 10 autos.

One pick per person! Multiple winners available depending on correct choices. Card will be mailed in a PWE.

Contest activates when one of my current breaks hit the target price!

Hope you guys enjoy this little contest...if it goes well and no one wins; You'll get a chance in the next box.
Had a winner in Contest 8!

Thanks Bob
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