Complete...Somebody here won! Contest #7 Pick the Player Who's Auto I Pull

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Oct 8, 2007
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Ramona, CA
Rickymn picked Sal Frelick to be selected and picked the Willie McGee Prizm auto 76/99
2021 Valiant Box 5.jpg
Somebody pick a card that I pulled from the Valiant Box. If you're the winner LMK which card you want.
Thanks Bob

Join me live after my Elite Break! Then check back in at 1700 for Mike's 2022 Bowman Chrome Baseball Lite 2 Box
Thanks Bob

Simple Contest...
Breaking 2021 Leaf Box
Each box contains 5 autographs plus 1 Beckett Graded 9.5 or 10 or 1 pre-production 1/1 autographed proof.
So, just guess the name of one of the 6 players that I pull and win one of the card choices below, not one the Leaf Metal Draft cards.
I have two boxes of 2022 Elite Extra Edition Baseball Hobby coming in. Will break Valiant box 5, when Elite Break is full!

2021 Leaf Valiant Baseball Cards Checklist

2021 Leaf Valiant Baseball checklist, set info, buy boxes, release date, reviews. Find 4 MLB prospect autographs & 1 graded or slabbed card.

One pick per person! Multiple winners available depending on correct choices. Card will be mailed in a PWE.

Contest activates when one of my current breaks hit the target price!
Hope you guys enjoy this little contest...if it goes well and no one wins; You'll get a chance in the next box.

Pick the Player 7
Bryan Acuna - jackatl
Chase Petty - mm1sub
Colton Cowser - crazedfan
Derek Curiel - t.rooster
Hedbert Perez - bfd13
Jasson Dominguez - peaceandlove
Jordan Walker - Molitor04x
Khalil Watson - bearpup
Luis Matos - anglinomics
Noelvi Marte - MrThrift
Sal Frelick - rick_mn
Tristan Casas - tiggerfan1
Wes Kath - LarryG
Zack Veen - Dave Gman23
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Can use some help on the 2022 Elite Extra Edition Break! Once this break closes, I'll break the Valiant Box!
Lots of $1 teams! And, one of the best rookie classes.

Base Signatures Set Checklist​

1 Jackson Holliday - Baltimore Orioles
2 Druw Jones - Arizona Diamondbacks
3 Kumar Rocker - Texas Rangers
4 Termarr Johnson - Pittsburgh Pirates
5 Elijah Green - Washington Nationals
6 Jacob Berry - Miami Marlins
BA-MA1 Mick Abel 73/75 Navy Blue Phillies 1st 15th
HG-WB2 William Bergolla Honor Guard Orange 60/99 Phillies IFA
FP-MM2 Matt Mclain Fearless Phenoms Navy Blue 72/75 Reds 1st 17th
FP-BWJ Bobby Witt Jr Fearless Phenoms Green Royals 1st 2nd
FP-SF1 Sal Frelick Fearless Phenoms Navy Blue 29/50 Brewers 1st 15th GRADED 9.5