Compulsive buying on ebay

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Mar 30, 2008
How many of you guys compulsively buy cards on ebay? I find myself doing it from time to time.
When I first was on eBay nearly 15 years ago I was buying like crazy, wanting to get every great deal. Now I am very selective but from time to time will buy great deals on cards on a whim that I often don't have much personal use for.
Yea I have done it as well. I just try to wait a bit before I bid. I don't like buyer remorse.
I used to buy a lot...mainly from tntnorthnj when he started every auction no matter what at $0.99 not so much since he starts some of the better cards a lot higher.
Always looking for cards for my customers.
Buyer remorse, that's pretty good................I've watered down my buying on any site, especially the vintage stuff...............Mike
yeah i don have buyers remose so much its just that the last couple of nights i bought stuff just because the deal was right, i mean i could do without the cards
Have cut down my buying to just HOF Topps Heritage autos I need or a well done cut. On the other hand have been buying more silent movie lobby cards than before.
I do it alot especially when my I have a paypal balance...I've bought several Auto/Jersey lots over the past 2 weeks totalling 532 cards for $491 delivered. :eek:
I have a ebay budget of about $400.00 every month....This month...with some many of the Griffey Jr auto showing up and the YSL project.....its more like $600 for this month. Best regards, David
I can go over budget easy.... My new poison has been check out my cards.
I have shifted my 200/mo and seem to have alot more to show for it. I got some crazy deals on GU stuff and did not have to wait on the auction to end.
This the only way to spend on Ebay. I'm like a kid on Christmas most of the time. Most of it is just stuff I need, but on occasion I will go for something else for my collection.
Right now I am fairly content with my collection...I don't need anything, I will only buy cards from my lists if I can find them for a good deal. With this new outlook on collecting my eBay spending has decreased significantly.

Before, I would compulsively go after every single card I needed and would often get buyer's remorse. Now I only do a handful of searches daily and usually have 3-4 items on my watch list at any given time and usually win 1 item per week on average.
Watch list tends to be on the full side- Have been bidding alot lately bc of the good deals.