Dave Stewart & Dan Wilson Appearances in August

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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW
I picked up the 2010 schedule for the local Class A minor league team close to home and see that Dave Stewart and Dan Wilson are scheduled to make appearances in August.

Now if this is anything like when Gaylord Perry was here (I got 18 autos, ran out of things to have him sign and the line dwindled to nothing before the signing ended), I could very likely get people some sigs if I don't have schedule conflicts that prevent me from catching the games. However, I can guarantee nothing and those appearances could even change before August.

If anyone is interested in getting a specific card signed for a set or project, let me know and I will see what I can do. I would need you to send the card/item you wanted sometime before August.

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If you are worried about running out of stuff for these guys, I can help you stock up on something. I'd only ask for a couple of each back and you can willingly donate the rest to members here who need them.

Just an offer if you still need stuff when it comes closer.
Hi -

This is great! I would need Dave Stewart on a Phillies CIC that I make. I can include something for your troubles. LMK. Thanks!!

I desperately need Stewart for my Topps Fan Favorites sets. I think he's only in one, if I remember correctly, and I could send it to you. I'll have to check for certain, but I think it's just the one.
hello, i can also use a dave stewart, i can send you a 50/50, just send me your address and i can send you the cards.
Hi, I really need Dave on his 82 Donruss RC. Let me know if I should get one and send it to you. I can also send 3-4 cards of him for you to keep in return of doing the 82 for me.
To all who would like a card signed by Wilson, Stewart or both:

Send the card(s) you want (prioritize if sending more than 1) to me with a SASE. I will record them as they arrive: First come, first serve and get the cards signed in that order. You do not need to include any extra cards, but you are welcome to do so if you want.

Mail to:

Curt Hardie
C/O: ThyssenKrupp
2021 130th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98005

Remember that these players are due to appear in August (one early, one late). If the signings are cancelled or I am unable to obtain multiples, I will return what you sent me in the provided SASE, otherwise I'll send all signed cards I obtain back the same way.

I'll use this thread to record how many cards I receive in case the response is great, that way each person can decide if they still want to try based on how many cards I have already received.


5-13 - Dave Stewart - hit'nBULLSeyes
5-13 - Dave Stewart - Buck1982
5-13 - Dave Stewart - metrotheme
5-13 - Dan Wilson - metrotheme
5-14 - Dave Stewart - ben-jammin
5-14 - Dave Stewart - mbroadhe
5-14 - Dave Stewart - longhornjunkie
5-20 - Dave Stewart - sirrockford
5-27 - Dave Stewart - navig8tr150
5-27 - Dan Wilson - navig8tr150
5-28 - Dave Stewart - greatdadx2
6-7 - Dave Stewart - tribefan
6-7 - Dan Wilson - tribefan
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I could use Dave Stewart on a 90 & 92 Fleer. I have a 91 Topps for Dan Wilson.
I will send you a few extra cards for your trouble. Thank you for attempting this.
Mailing mine out tomorrow.
Thank you.
Thanks for the offer!

I've got two Stewart cards I'd like to get signed if you don't mind. I need the 91 Studio for my autographed set and I have a 2004 Upper Deck USA single I'd like. I can send a couple extras for your use however you wish.

For Wilson, I'll send five and if I can get one back, great! If not, no worries, use them how you wish.

Then whenever/if you get any of these signed, we'll complete a trade for them. I get a bunch in-person myself so I'm sure we can find something to trade... or, set hits or whatever floats your boat at the moment.

Sound good?

Got my tickets for this Friday (8-6-10) for Stewart's appearance. I hope it will be as smooth as Perry was last year. At this point, I don't think I can take any more, or rather they wouldn't be here in time. I do have plenty of cards to try to get signed, so wish me luck!

I also got my tickets for the Aug 22 game, where Dan Wilson will appear. I can take some more requests for Wilson if you act fast.

Also, thank you to the member who sent the Christianson and Luzinski auto's as a gift. I want to say it was bullseye, but I can't remember at this moment. I have it upstairs and will thank you directly later after I sort everything out.
Update from the Everett Aquasox camp. The Dave Stewart signing was a success! Mr. Stewart was extremely cordial, taking time to speak with the fans and pose for photos. Certainly a plus from the personal side, it did unfortunately slow down the line. We lined up about 1 hour before the signing started and waited for him to be introduced and to throw out the first pitch. He arrived shortly after and began. He was due to sign for 1.5 hours. It took a little over 30 minutes to hit the head of the line. I immediately jumped back in line and waited another 1/2 hour for a second shot. Luckily I had the wife and kids along to help me get multiples! They weren't as enthused as I was, of course. It cost me several hot dogs!!:D

I learned something very interesting from Dave as well. Apparently his time in Texas and Philly were not the best and he does NOT sign cards or items featuring either team. Lucky for me and most of you who sent cards, he did sign Los Angeles, Toronto and Oakland items. I need to sort everything out, but I believe I got at least one item signed for each person who sent them. If you only sent Stewart cards, I will try to get those out next week. If you sent Wilson cards as well, he appears on the 22nd and I will wait to send everything together.

Overall, a good time!

Thanks alot. I look forward to getting the cards after the Wilson signing. It's too bad players who have grudges against their former teams take it out on the fans by not signing certain cards. It must frustrate the set collectors.
I really appreciate you taking the time get these cards signed for everybody. Look forward to seeing the cards.