dodgers auto question?

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Hawaiian BamBam

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Dec 25, 2008
as many know, im trying to get one autograph of every dodger player that ever played. the catch is i would like to get only those that have dodger cards (so far i have seen alot of players that played for the dodgers for a few games or one season and even though they played for the dodgers, never had a baseball card of them in a dodgers uniform, so now im focused on only collecting an auto from those in a dodger uniform, my question is how do i know , so...with that, how do i know which players have cards issued in a dodger uniform?i did buy a topps dodger book that lists every dodger player from 1952-1988, but how do i know which players from 1989-2010? any and all insight, help, etc is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
I'm doing the same thing with the yankees but if I can't find a card for them I just make one..Have never found a site that tells you if they have a card in that uniform
i wouldnt even know where to start on making a card of them! i have about maybe 200 autos of players that played for the dodgers on cards that are not dodger cards but in a different teams uniform, and i dont think i will actually count those as part of my dodgers auto collection since they arent in a dodgers uniform. that is very cool that your doing that with the yankees, wish i had know because about 6 months ago i traded about 40-50 of my yankees auto as a lot, i dont have any left or else i would send them to you. i think one option is probably try to get a checklist for every topps cards from 1989-2010(i have all the earlier years) and just go through that checklist and check off everyone i have. i think with topps, at least ill get a bulk of every dodgers autos from 1952-2010. may i suggest the following book for you(i ran a search of it on ebay (below link) its a book produced by surf, for the yankees (they have them for every team, i have the dodgers version) it has a picture of every topps cards from the yankees from i think 1952-1986, that might help you as well. hope it helps. the dodgers version helped me tremendously. wish they had an update from 1989-2010!
If you want to count them as being in Dodger uniforms, Target sponsored a set in 1990 that was over 1000 strong, featuring every player to spend time with the Dodgers. Many of the older players were just grainy shots from old team photos, but most of them are long dead and you'd never get their signatures on a card anyway. Sometimes they were featured in another team uniform, usually obscured, yet it's still technically a Dodger card. After 1990, it shouldn't be too hard to find Dodger cards.

However, if any of those players were featured in the set after their death, that may be their only Dodger card and it would be impossible to find signed. Other players w/o a regular Dodger card (like Boog Powell for example) are featured here and you could easily get them signed.

You can also shop around for one of the old Becektt Team Checklist books. It's like the Topps/Surf books, but shows older sets like Bowman, T cards, Playball, etc.

Sometimes, it may be best to find a clean 3x5 and make a custom cut.
I am doing the same thing as you, except with Mets. I use cards and photos of players in a Mets uniform for my collection. My collection will be a bit easier to complete than the Dodgers or Yankees simply because I only have to go back to 1962. If I can't find a photo of the player in a Mets uniform, then I make a photo of their last name and the number that they wore with the Mets with the Mets' logo in the background. I've gotten some very nice compliments from retired players about the photos that I've made. Even some of the current players in the Majors and Minors have complimented me on the photos. One player that I remember off the top of my head, Elmer Dessens, asked me for copies of the photos for his family, which I am always happy to do. Good luck with your collection and please let me know if you need any assistance locating cards and/or autographs.
mrmopar-i did find one of the old team checklist books, and it helped out alot. i also have two of the three dodgers target sets, but cant find the third set to complete my set. i agree, alot of those dodgers have passed and most of the others, i cant find any ttm address for them. im finding out that alot of players who dont have a dodger card, have an autographed photo, so im thinking i might also start collecting photos. the problem with older brooklyn dodgers is that their autos are becoming harder and harder to find once they pass as most of the brooklyn dodgers have.

dmbfan-thats very cool, maybe we can help each other out, ill let you know if i come across anymore mets auto(or ill try to trade for some) please let me know if you have or come across any dodgers, especially older vintage dodger topps.

thanks guys for your input, i really appreciate it.
Two of three sets? Target cards were issued in packages of perforated card sheets. I want to say there are 10 sheets to a pack with each sheet having a couple dozen cards, maybe more. There are more than 3 packs of sheets, so not sure what you are talking about.
I have the same thing going, but with the Expos.... and like DMBfan, I don't have to go as far back (1969)... and of course it unfortunately ends in 2004 which means my list isn't growing either (altho I'd trade my whole collection and everything I own to get the team back).

I also create my own cards for those who don't have issued cards out with the 'spos. In my bucket you'll see some different styles of my customs, Curt Brown at the top (in the "just added") is one... Andy Fox is another style, Jim Northrup yet another and Marv Staehle another... plus more... I try to change it up every now and then.

As for finding out which players have Expos cards, I use search for a player and click on his player page. Then you get a list of his "associated teams". Here's an example for a guy who played with both the Expos AND Dodgers, Mike Maddux (link below)

You see the Los Angeles Dodgers listed... click on [+ Maddux, Mike], and voila... his "Dodgers cards". One is an O-***-Chee of him in the wrong uniform however that says "Now with Dodgers" (that doesn't fly for my collection, but maybe yours).... and the other is an oddball set, 1999 Keebler #21.

it's not always 100%, but close.... I actually just recently stumbled on a Raul Chavez card with the Expos that I didn't know existed (wasn't listed by beckett as an Expos card).... but as a general rule, it's pretty accurate.

hope this helps a bit.

mr mopar..i believe there where three lots (a,b,c) issued at dodger stadium. each lot lasted for two months or so and included several different packs of 15 card sheets, in total you could get about 300-400 different cards a lot if you went to every giveaway. if you went to every giveaway during the season, you could get all 1,144 dodger target cards in the set.

expos94-thanks for the help, that really helped me out. i have some extra expos autos if you need them, send me a pm, thanks