Does my card even exist???

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Jan 29, 2007
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Has anyone else ever not been able to find a card in Beckett? I've had this problem a few times and it's usually because of what they say the card is numbered to...for example.

I have this card and this is how it's listed in Beckett

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Patch Autograph #48 Adam Dunn /23

but my version is clearly numbered 12/13

Do I the phantom version of this card that mighty Beckett oesn't know about or did they somehow, someway make a mistake?

Ok, now this brings me back to my card of today. I have this card and this is how Beckett has it listed.

2009 Sweet Spot Signatures Red Stitch Blue Ink #TT Troy Tulowitzki/ 99 but then under print run it has 15...huh?

I was simply wondering if anyone else had come across a card that Beckett doesn't have record of for whatever reason.

becketts is odd sometimes, but you have to remember it doenst correct spelling errors and its fickel on how you enter it into the database search. i get 22 records when i put in for a search of --- 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Adam Dunn --- sure your not reading it wrong and the one is a 2 but is just smeared or fudged? also if you limit after search to autos it gives you two cards. one that should be your card.

I dont call becketts crapbucketts for nothing too.

I have a 2008 topps walmart dick perez game used jersey tim lincecum numbered /50 Chris from Beckett confirmed that is in fact an actual card, but I can't find it on their price guide nor have I ever seen one on Ebay?
From the same set, Beckett lists Bill Hall's Red Jersey/AUTO as being numbered to 10. I have never seen that card, but I do have a copy of a Red Jersey/AUTO #'d to 38. Beckett does not even list that card as existing.

I think they got the print runs from UD (pre-release), then published those. UD probably changed their print runs after the list was given to Beckett.

i would contact upper deck about it.Becket online only shows 4 adam dunns #25 or less and 3 of those are #25 and one #23..Could be numbering error.
The Heroes serial numbering on some of the autos and patches are a little messed up.. Probably because UD told beckett they were all numbered to 25 or 50 or whatever and only had enough patches for 23 or 13 or whatnot..

I have 2 Kazmir cards that they refuse to put in beckett after repeated emails..
They have entire sets that aren't happens all the time!

To the Kazmir collector - not sure how they decide to add or not, but I've had some request added and others not added over the years...I prefer them NOT added as it makes for a good premium!
the two cards in question are a 2009 Topps Sketch card and a 2010 Topps Peak Performance Jumbo patch.. They have series 1 PP Jumbos but not the series 2!

And they don't recognize any of the 2009 Topps Sketch Cards, probably because they were released in the 2010 Topps boxes.. I pulled a Price from a 2010 box..
Big Albert has a Cal Ripken Jr. auto serial from 2008 heroes thats not listed by Beckett in his personal collection.... Yours is probably a print error....should have been 12/25!! Someone on this board...pulled a 2008 ud heroes cards serial 26/25! The Navy blue auto with gu cards.....if you noticed the back of the cards....congratulation you got a gu card! It does not mention the auto!! So there was quite a bit of errors with this product.....and there were a few errors with the base cards as well! Hope this helps. Best regards, David
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