Dreaded topps redemption replacments (questions)

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Oct 7, 2005
Northwest Washington
Just received two of these in place of Ibanez Autographs that I spent LOTS of money on. I'm new to this so I have two stupid questions.

1. Does this mean that I won't be getting my Ibanez autos. The note says that they are having not had, touble finding my autograph and please accept these in their place. Does this mean that they may still ship my Ibanez autos once they get them? They still show as pending on the site.
2. Will beckett eventually remove these cards from the checklist if they are never produced?

If you were wondering
2007 Topps 52 Signatures Red Ink #FP Felix Pie $50 (sv probably about $2)
2007 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness #JP Jorge Posada C $60 (sv $15-20???)



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They will not take them off the player lists.. I know because Kazmir never signed his 07 Sweet Spot cards and they are still listed

If they sent you a card then I highly doubt that they will send you another card. They don't care what the consumer spends on the cards in the secondary market. All they are concerned about is selling the cases they produce. I feel that the product shouldn't be released with redemption cards unless they have the cards are in their vault or something due to there value. I with you the best in this matter. You might want to call them and talk to a customer rep. about it and explain your situation. You might catch them in a soft-hearted moment. Butch
Stangely enough the set these two cards are from, 09 heritage hi #, actually has three Ibanez redemptions in it. The third, that I could not afford, was a Ibanez/Bobby Wine dual. The strange thing about it is that there is a redeemed one on eBay. So topps was able to get Ibanez to sign some of these but not all???????
What you got is what you'll get. As a Phillies fan, I would have wanted the Ibanez too. Posada may have some value to a Yankees fan, but Pie...Forget it.