Dry spell broken 11/27? Roger that...

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Apr 3, 2007
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Rowlett, TX
Horrible title, I know.

I have sent two requests to Roger McDowell, one in Aug. 2009 c/o the team and one to ST this year. Got one back earlier in the year which I assume was from ST... and got another one back over the weekend.

So, I have two 92TP cards signed by him - one in blue and one in black. Need to look at them side by side to compare the sigs but I'm thinking I'll keep the blue one as it is a Dodgers card he signed.

Other one will be for trade, post here if you have any interest and I will PM you later (my inbox is almost full).

Funny because I hadn't sent any requests in awhile and I mailed one Saturday, and this one was in the box when the mail got picked up.

Thanks for the read.
Congrats on your returns. I sent to him earlier this year to the Braves. Hope mine makes its way back to me signed.
Thanks all.

What would you be looking for in return for the other one?

Whatever catches my eye I guess, I am always looking for stuff of former Longhorns, or Texas pro teams. I know landing signed cards for my set is a longshot since nobody else is getting 92 Triple Play signed.
If you don't trade it to Ellis shoe....I'll be interested in trading.