Ebay Peyton Manning success...

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Aug 15, 2007
Missoula, MT
Thought that these were going to be ridiculously high priced since they were similar to Goudey and they are on card, but grabbed this one for a bargain:


Thanks for looking, Jeremy
Nice looking card. What is considered a "bargain" for a Peyton Manning signature?

I wanted to add Favre and looked for a bargain sig after seeing someone find one for $7 and change here. However, I am not very patient and ended up buying one for around $35. Seemed like a good deal still, but I don't look for that kind of stuff very often.
All the completed auctions were going for 55-60 and I snagged this one BIN for 50, which for an on card Peyton auto is a good deal, not spectacular, but good, especially since it's UD certified. The last one I had was a sticker auto that cost me 55.