Error card, does anyone know if they are all errors?

Ellis Shoe

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Hey guys, I was at a show today and saw this card below with one of the dealers. He had that it booked at 30.

I asked, isnt that Tony Sr's auto instead of Jr's? And his reply was "Can't you read, its Jr's". So since I knew it was Tony Sr's I offered him 15 and he took it. My question is does anyone else have any of these cards as I would like to know if they were all swapped out or just this one maybe. It is numbered to 55.


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There are three other Gwynn, Jr. dual autos from Exquisite on Ebay.
Two have Gwynn, Sr's auto, one has the correct Jr.


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Beckett did an article on this very subject, Tony Gwynn's autograph put on his son's cards. I believe they showed that the one's with Gwynn Sr.'s autograph goes for more. I dont remember :)



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The dealer was smart.. Everyone knows that Upper Deck doesn't have quality control issues! Uppered Dek is always purfect!

Great Find, and even a better story!