Ever wonder why some items are never cheap? (even if they will eventually sell well)?

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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW
I have to laugh sometimes as I do my daily Garvey searches on ebay. I run into the same items being listed over and over and over...

Sometimes there are things I would probably buy if the sellers didn't start them out too high to make it worth while. A few examples of typical items I see that I will never bid on...

Black World Series bats. These are the kinds with the facsimile signatures on them. I know these were expensive and limited to begin with and they always seem to sell well, when they sell, but they never start less than $100-150.
1987 Classic Game (green) set
1984 Milton Bradley baseball game w/ card set
Just about any/all photos, negatives and wire photos recently. It seems EVERY seller got together and decided that every photo and negative should start at $10 w/ $5 shipping?????
Magazines??? You can't give them away, yet on ebay they always seem to start high and with high shipping, it's rarely ever worth it.

There are others here and there, but these are examples I see weekly.

Oh yeah, and this JOKE!


Check out the shipping price. They combine shipping too, ONLY $3 each additional item. WOW! Lucky me!!! "PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT SHIPPING COST'S INCLUDE NOT ONLY THE SHIPPING COST BUT ALSO THE COST OF THE PACKAGE, PLUS PACKING MATERIALS, LABELS, PACKING SLIPS,AND INK, ETC" Ink? Is that the ink in your bic pen or your printer ink? Either way, let's make sure each and every buyer gets to pay a small part of that!
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$14.90???? Wow. That's one of the higher ones. You can get a flat rate box for about $6 or $7. Why would anyone pay $15 for anything that could fit in a flat rate box?

I bidded on an auction with $10 shipping for one card figuring it was a typo. Needless to say, the seller and I agreed to disagree on that one and we canceled the transaction.

So is that a Fanfest sheet AND Looney Tunes set, or only the Looney Tunes set (with wrong picture) or only the sheet? That sheet books for $15 on its own. Did they shrink the sheet or was the Looney Tunes set also made in a 8-1/2 by 11 format? I actually have a few of that sheet which was signed by all three players at that Fanfest.
This is the smaller sheet, unsigned, shrink wrapped against a box of loony tunes packs. I have the sheet already, as well as the signed version. There is a larger sheet with those players as well.

I have no interest in the loony tunes cards, but together it is a unique item that I don't have.