Expos First Ever No-Hitter - 16x20

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Jan 25, 2009
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Markham, Ontario
Some of you may remember I got a nice 16x20 of El Presidente back TTM. It was a photo of him throwing his perfect game (first and only in Expos history)

After getting that back I decided to get two more matching 16x20's, one of Bill Stoneman and one of Charlie Lea — the only other 2 Expos to have tossed no-hitters (Stoneman has 2 of them). So it's a small project, a set of 3, but I'm happy to now be 66% done.

This photo is of Bill Stoneman, in the locker room after the game on April 17, 1969 — hist first no-hitter. It was only his 5th career start in the Majors and only the 9th game in Expos franchise history! I wanted a shot of him actually throwing in the game.... but this locker room shot is all I could find of him on that day. I think it's representative of how hard it is to throw a no-no... icing his arm, looking exhausted... :) So I think it'll look great on my wall next to El Presidente and hopefully soon Charlie Lea.

Great photo and great return. I love projects like this. Both of those photos are great additions and will make a nice triad of photos once you secure Charlie Lea, who I have seen returns from. You will want to make sure that you let Mr. Lea know what your project is. I've seen him returns photos and cards personalized. Perhaps he will inscribe the photo with the no-hitter date if you ask him. Good luck and please share when you get a return from Mr. Lea as well.
That's the only shot I've seen of Stoneman from that game, as well. I remember it in the paper the next day. Must be a wire service shot. Great success! Congrats!
Thanks guys,

I found the photo just digging online.

Can't wait to send out to Lea now, probably tomorrow!
Very nice photo.

Are you going to get David Palmer and Pascual Perez also?


Their no-hitters were rain shortened and not officially recognized by MLB.... so I'll leave them out of this particular project..... but they are two guys I do want to get for my all-time Expos project!