Fairfield Box Hits


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Stopped at a Walgreens tonight after my plasma donation to see if they had anything to satisfy my card cravings. Wasn't much to chose from so I grabbed a Fairfield Repack Box.

Unopened pack was a 1992 Triple play which I got a Mattingly and Knoblauch
Then as I go through, I am getting several rookies

Andrew Benintendi 17 t
Mitch Hanniger 17t
Mike Soroka Chrome Update 18
Barry Bonds team card 01 UD vintage
and a Elite autograph of Steven Ames.

My question though is as I'm looking in Beckett the Benintendi photo is different from the one they showed and also instead of saying series 1 below the number it says complete set. Is this from a factory set and why is the photo different? is this more than a 2.50 card?
Fairfield Box by Gary Hurd, on Flickr
Rookie by Gary Hurd, on Flickr
Benintendi by Gary Hurd, on Flickr

David K.

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Its from a complete set. Best regards, David PS good that your a donor.....I use to be but.....High blood pressure forced me to stop giving blood...