February 2003 Site of the Month HoosierBuddy


Bench Founder
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Bench Founder
February 2003 Site of the Month

February's SOTM belongs to HOOSIERBUDDY

Click on the button on the main page to take you directly to his
personal trading page, you can check his wantlists and strike up a deal.


Congrats Steve


5.00 star(s)
Wow. I'm very honored and flattered! I worked very hard to make my website as easy to read as possible. And look for future additions to the website!

I'm looking into adding a search engine of sorts, to make looking through my tradelists that much easier, and I'm in the process of adding a Personal Collection page, to show off some of my best cards.

Thanks again, for this great honor!


Bench Warmer
I can thank Hoosier for helping me find the Bench. I believe it was his ebay about me page I found the link on. So congratulations!!