February pickups!


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Didn't see it so figured I would start it. Here are my treasures so far!

Let's see what you got!
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Some recent Dilfer pickups:

These are all 2014's, serial numbered anywhere between 10 and 25. He's had a lot of 2014 cards (his first issues since 2008) which have been fun to pick up, but they are all really low-numbered autograph cards so it's been frustrating seeing my completion percentage drop because so few even show up for sale. I've been picking up what I can but so far it's only 7 out of 22 non-1/1 cards for 2014.

Also picked up this weird one:

1999 Playoff Momentum with embossing from the 2002 (???) National Convention.

And this is an 8x10 signed photo, not a card, but Panini does seem to have made it so I picked it up: