Finally back in the states. (SAN DIEGO!!!!) Long 3 months.

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May 11, 2007
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Clinton NY
Hello all
I just wanted to say hi to everypone on the boards and let them know I am back in the states. My ship, the USS Carl Vinson just completed the homeport change from Norfolk to beautiful San Diego. We arrived on Monday and it was a long 3 months but something i will never forget. The day we pulled out was the day the earthquake hit Haiti so we were first responders in haiti and it was absolutely chaotic but and experience I am glad I had. We hit ports in Rio and lima Peru(Peru was a much much better port than Rio believe it or not) and we transited the Straights of Magellan which was an unbelievable experience. I recently hit my 10 year mark and it was my first long cruise so I cant complain but I am very happy to be back. Pulling into San Diego makes it all worth it. I wont be trading as my family and all of our belongings are in VA until June so I will will stop by and see how things are but unfortunately no trading for me. I hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day.
I remeber those days. Welcome back to port. enjoy the standdown (if you get one).

Great to hear you're back. Enjoy sd and can't wait for you to start trading again.

Welcome back and thank you for your service to our country...Mike
Welcome home buddy! Glad to know you guys and girls were the frist ones to provide help to the poor people in Haiti! Best regards, David
Welcome back, thanks for your service and much needed assistance to the souls in Haiti.