Finally back in the states. (SAN DIEGO!!!!) Long 3 months.


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Hello all
I just wanted to say hi to everypone on the boards and let them know I am back in the states. My ship, the USS Carl Vinson just completed the homeport change from Norfolk to beautiful San Diego. We arrived on Monday and it was a long 3 months but something i will never forget. The day we pulled out was the day the earthquake hit Haiti so we were first responders in haiti and it was absolutely chaotic but and experience I am glad I had. We hit ports in Rio and lima Peru(Peru was a much much better port than Rio believe it or not) and we transited the Straights of Magellan which was an unbelievable experience. I recently hit my 10 year mark and it was my first long cruise so I cant complain but I am very happy to be back. Pulling into San Diego makes it all worth it. I wont be trading as my family and all of our belongings are in VA until June so I will will stop by and see how things are but unfortunately no trading for me. I hope all is well with everyone. Have a great day.


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I remeber those days. Welcome back to port. enjoy the standdown (if you get one).


David K.

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Welcome home buddy! Glad to know you guys and girls were the frist ones to provide help to the poor people in Haiti! Best regards, David