Finally ~ Scans of Vladimir Guerrero Auto Collection ~ dial up beware


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For the upcoming Super Collector contest, I thought I would scan my Vlad autos. I didn't scan all the doubles and I know I missed a 5x7 Studio auto but I wanted to get them up since I still have the 1/1's and patch cards to go. According to Beckett, I have 192 different, however, I haven't updated a lot of my 2007's and none of the 2008 since I am not sure what version the 2007 cards are and I wait for all 2008 products to update before adding them to my list. Many of the autos are #'d to less than 25 and some are number to 3, 5 and 10.

If any one has a question about 1, let me know.


One these is the fist Vlad card I bought at the 1996 Anaheim National which started the collection

One of his most expensive and sought after autos

You rarely will find the black auto version and almost never see the gold version which is one of his most expensive

The blue Century always is a high seller


I actually have the entire set of 98 Chirography autos

One of the cooler autos

Picked up 2 golds because I forgot I had 1 but it was #1

One of his most expensive autos. Was a redemption

All numbered to 5

One auto is upside down

One is #1 and the other is 27, Vlads jersey #

Another of his most expensive

2 of the 5 in existence

These are some doubles I was able to pic up:

These are 1/1's:

The 2002 Leaf is #'d to 5

Pick up a couple more of these:

All low #'d and the Heroes is a dup

The Leaf is #'d to 5 and another of the Vlad/Jones autos. I have about 4 of them now

#'d to 5

A dup of the Vlad/Jones. I really like this version. The Griffey/Vlad is a great card

This is a dup I got at a low price:

This is my 3'd "G", which is one of the harder ones to get:

This includes a rare Andruw Jones auto which is on Vlads Beckett list and another copy of the Jones/Vlad

Only need 1 more plate color. These are not listed on Beckett's list

This includes the 1/1 wood

Finally got the UD Masterpiece. The Donruss is #'d to 5 and the other is a Recollection #'d to 2

Another copy of the triple auto and one is an artist auto #'d to 10

Some oversize autos. Pics taken with I-phone so I hope they come out ok

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Very NICE! I assume you know which one I like the best? Dawson and Vlad are in alot of the same sets. Good luck in the contest!



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Very impressive. I love seeing such a variety when player collectors share their stuff! But hey, you should see my WILTON Guerrero collection!!! Guess I picked the wrong Guerrero!!

I assumed (correctly) that you had the one I want so bad still, the 98 UD3 Superb Signature. I landed the Caminiti and have loved that set ever since.


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so i guess you win the auto collector - holy cow, I am not even a Vlad fan but after seeing this, you have to admire both the player and collector. My hats off to you. VERY NICE IMPRESSIVE COLLECTION.



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ya know...I have always wanted to get a couple Vlad autos...let alone 26813926392136 of them lol

This is absolutely the craziest collection of Autos of one player I have ever seen! I am sooooooooo impressed!!!

My favs...

The Epic auto (love the pic)
The Sweet Spot glove /5

Simple Amazing!

Thanks for sharing