First ever TTM success!!!!

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Dec 30, 2007
Norwich, NY
After tries with five other players, I finally had success with one of my idols from my childhood, Wade Boggs. He signed 2/2. However, he did not send back the top loaders that I sent. Is this typical? The cards came back just fine, just curious.
nice pickup im still waiting for him i sent back in january how long did it take you?

congrats, matt
awesome first return congrats!!!! some players keep the top loaders because they dont want to deal with waiting for the cards to dry and then put them in the top loader and then in in the PWE and seal it and send it back.. its way quicker and less of a deal for them not to deal with top loaders... just my 2 cents..
He's hit or miss ttm and I don't really think he just goes thru and signs everything that he gets at certain times, congrats. He most likely didn't put the cards back in the card holder so they wouldn't possibly smear. I personally quit sending in top loaders a long long time ago after getting back a few smeared