Firsts? and Favorites?...

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
saw this on a diff board. thought id start one up

I thought this would be cool to ask of the autograph collectors here, since many have a fairly large collection...

Who was your first TTM success?
Which is your favorite TTM success?
Who was your first IP success?
Who is your favorite IP success?

Who was your first TTM success? hmmm well early 90s i sent out to indians players cant remember who i got seeing i went in the navy came home and had a bunch waiting 4 me, albert belle, kenny lofotn, jim thome, sandy alamor and a few others barried...
Which is your favorite TTM success? tom brady when drew bledso got knocked out and brady took over i sent out THAT day. got his rc auto and made out to me. very cool
Who was your first IP success? dont remeber my first
Who is your favorite IP success? my fav is christian slater @ long beach grand prix celeb race. have a tattoo i got in the navy form one of my fav movies "pump up the volume" had him auto a baseball w/ inscription "so be it" what my tattoo says
Can't remember the exact card, but I sent my first TTMs from the 1987 Topps set that season.
I remember getting Tim Raines, Jody Davis, Dale Murphy, Dwight Evans, Harold Baines and Tony Gwynn so it was probably one of them.

Favorite is maybe the Donald Trump custom I sent to his office.

First IP was Tug McGraw back around 1970.

Favorite IP is Ron Santo, who I saw walking in the Wrigley Field concourse before a game around 1993.

Fun thread.
Who was your first TTM success?
Starting back in January this year, I easily remember the first return was Sparky Anderson. The two men in my collection who have passed on, Bobby Thomson and Ralph Houk, were only a mere few days behind Sparky.

Which is your favorite TTM success?
I'm going to say Scott Sullivan, former Reds reliever, as he has been the only guy to write back to me with my request. On my letter, he wrote "My pleasure to sign, God Bless, SS". I have kept this letter and will never have anything bad to say about this guy.

Who was your first IP success?
That was almost 10 years ago and could never give you a difinitive answer. Maybe at my first TigerFest, which would have been Dean Palmer, Shane Halter, and Bobby Higginson among others? I'm clueless here.

Who is your favorite IP success?
TigerFest 2007 I got Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. It's not like he was great with the fans, but the whole story behind my success from that day.
Who was your first TTM success?

It was either Steve Garvey or Duke Snider. I can't remember which was first, but those are the only two TTMs I did as a kid.

Which is your favorite TTM success?

I have not done many, oddly enough, as I love autographed cards. Too lazy I guess. I'll say my favorite is Aaron Pointer. He was the last professional baseball player to bat .400 in a season (1961) as well as a retired NFL referee and a brother to the famous Pointer Sisters. I learned this because the local paper did a story on him. He lives in Tacoma, close to me, so I thought I would send him a card and try for a signature. He has only one card, a 1967 Topps high number.

Who was your first IP success?

I used to get a lot of signatures at games as a kid. I do not remember who was first. I got some good players in my day though, such as HOFers Dave Winfield, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice, Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, Tony Perez, Gaylord Perry and a flurry of lesser players. Unfortunately I was not smart enough to get them on any cards, but rather scraps of paper, ticket stubs and balls. The first non-game related autograph I believe was when Bob Feller came to Pacific Trading Cards (Michael Cramer's shop in Edmonds, WA which would later become THE Pacific Trading Cards)

Who is your favorite IP success?

I suppose I would have to say Steve Garvey at the 2001 AS Fan Fest show. My first and only meeting with the player I collect.
Who was your first TTM success?not sure Phil Rizzuto was one of the first
Which is your favorite TTM success?Rizzuto and Juri Kurri
Who was your first IP success?Tommy John i think
Who is your favorite IP success?Don Mattingly and Wayne Gretzky
Who was your first TTM success? Back in the 1980's when I started TTM requests, my first was Jim Rice c/o the Boston Red Sox. I still have that card today.

Which is your favorite TTM success? There are a ton that are at the top of my list for various reasons. However, my favorite would have to be Frank Thomas, who played from 1951 to 1966 for the Pirates and Mets among other teams. I have gotten to know him well over the span of 5 years and have even gone to a Pirates game with him.

Who was your first IP success? First IP autograph that I paid for was Brooks Robinson at a card show. First non-paid IP autograph was Mark Carreon at Shea Stadium when he side paneled a baseball for me.

Who is your favorite IP success? I will try to make a long story short. I was on a planning committee for a charity event to raise money for MDA that was sponsored by the MLB Players Alumni Association. Through that I got to know Craig Skok, Darrel Chaney, and Jay Howell. I also got to meet Dale Murphy, David Palmer, Charlie Leibrandt, and a few other former players. A great experience and a wonderful way to get autographs.

Great thread. Looking forward to reading more.
Nice idea for a thread....

Who was your first TTM success? -- First TTM (sports related) -- Rick Mirer. First TTM (anything) -- The cast of Wicked. Took my wife to the show in NYC for our anniversary and than got the playbill signed for her for her birthday.

Which is your favorite TTM success? -- Charlie Ward, one of my favorite all time college players. GO NOLES!!!

Who was your first IP success? -- If I am not mistaken, it was Richie Zisk, back in the early 70's at auto dealership opening in Pittsburgh.

Who is your favorite IP success? -- Probably Robin Roberts at a local card show. Gave him a scorecard from his golf course to sign, which he seemed pretty excited about. A close second, ran into several WCW wrasslers after a Monday Nitro in Baltimore, got Rick Steiner, Mongo McMichael and several others.
Who was your first TTM success? Probably Tommy Herr somewhere around '85.

Which is your favorite TTM success? Kirby Puckett

Who was your first IP success? Jimmy Piersall at a show around '82 or '83.

Who is your favorite IP success? Johnny Unitas, was about 12 or so and he talked to my mom and I for a good 10-15 mintues.
Who was your first TTM success? Garrett Anderson

Which is your favorite TTM success? Carl Erskine: He responded to my letter signed 2 of my cards and sent two more of his own

Who was your first IP success? I'm sure which one but I think it was one of these: Orlando Hernandez, Billy Wagner, Lance Berkman, or Brad Ausmus

Who is your favorite IP success? Well I have lots that have great stories and are of great players but I think my favorite might be Marlins Ace Josh Johnson. Got him in spring training this year and had unparalleled access, he was very gracious and signed and talked to the ten or so of us that had made our way to the practice fields.
Who was your first TTM success?-Jim Thome on his rookie card in his rookie year-never had heard of him when I sent but soon became one of my favorite players
Which is your favorite TTM success?-Ernie Banks or Tony Canedeo-Both when I was young and I didn't provide a SASE but got both back
Who was your first IP success?-Tony Mandrich and Tim Harris at a grocery store signing
Who is your favorite IP success?-Paul Molitor or Ryne Sandberg-two of the nicest HOF'er.
Who was your first TTM success? Billy Bean
Which is your favorite TTM success? Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion
Who was your first IP success? Chestor Marcol
Who is your favorite IP success? John Glenn
First TTM? I think Brad Havens. Only reason was I was at the hotel where the Orioles were staying and he repeatedly would not sign IP. I'm probably 12 at the time and he kept on telling me to just send it to the stadium and he would. I guess that initially got me into TTM. But at 13 stamps were expensive and I only did 20 or so back then.
Favorite? Looking back, I would say either Carl Hubbell or Willie Mays.
First IP? Not a clue. I was probably four years old and we used to go to tons of Rangers game. I would guess it was between Toby Harrah, Mike Hargrove or Bump Wills.
Favorite IP? Either DiMaggio or Frank Thomas. I drove Thomas and Raines around in the hotel van one time and took them to buy boots at Shepler's then through the Jack in the Box drive thru. Dropped them off at player's entrance and asked for a bat in lieu of tip. They laughed and still gave me a tip but brought me into the visiting clubhouse where Raines gave me a bat and Thomas signed a baseball for me. Fun stuff.

Good thread...
Who was your first TTM success? Ken Dayley
Which is your favorite TTM success? Kent Hull, my mom is a Bills fan and it came back the day of her surgery.
Who was your first IP success? Jim Kelly
Who is your favorite IP success? Jim Kelly. I was having surgery and my aunt's old hairstyler knew kelly. He sent me a personalized football. I still have it in my bedroom.
Who was your first TTM success? Floyde Little
Which is your favorite TTM success? Bernny Kofax
Who was your first IP success? Cal Ripken JR

Who is your favorite IP success? AAron Boone
first IP success Reggie White and Geoff Jenkins at a bucks game
Favorite IP: Leroy Butler, Reggie White and Ray Nitchske in the late 90's with my dad ,
Favorites :met the whole marlins team in the hospital in '02 after I nearly drowned at disney world and was placed in intensive care.
Brett Favre at his restaraunt,Robin Yount, Joe Mauer in Iowa,Paul Moliter,Bart STarr,Ray Nitchske,Sydney Moncreif,Oscar Robertson, Albert Pujols in beloit,Felix Hernandez in appleton, Alex Rodriguez in 93 in appleton,Henry Aaron,Reggie White, Bud Selig,Kirby Puckett in minneapolis in the early thousands.
Who was your first TTM success?
Pat Neshek, Received back 12/10/08

Which is your favorite TTM success?
No question one of the best TTM signers, period, John "Mule" Miles. Signed card plus wrote letter on sheet of paper and index card.

Who was your first IP success?
Can't quite remember but I'm pretty sure it was in 06 at a Twins caravan. Jason Bartlett, Lew Ford, Rick Anderson, and Ron Gardenhire were there.

Who is your favorite IP success?
No question whatsoever it is Harmon Killebrew. Met him at a Brainerd Lunkers (Northwoods League) game last year and he signed two GU cards.
I've been at this hobby for alot less long than most of you guys, so these are all fairly recent but here we go:

Larry Landreth
In December 2007 I decided to give this TTM thing a go and started my All-Time Expos
collection with Landreth - who lives in my neck of the woods. That's the only reason
I started there. He's Canadian and still lives in Ontario.

Rusty Staub
I have many favs, but I chose this one simply because I haven't seen many successes
for him, plus I already had 3 of the 4 signatures you see when I sent this, so I was
really happy to see it make its way back to me!!(he also signed two cards for my
all-time collection).

Honorable mention: Jean-Pierre Roy (who is also on the above piece),
simply because his response was fantastic. Beautiful note back, called me a friend.

Brad Wilkerson
I bought this Official ball at the Big O the night of the last Expos home game ever.
The plan was to get it signed there... didn't work out. But when Washington came
to Toronto the next year I was sure to be there and finish the job. I was an
autograph rookie, didn't ask for the sweet spot (didn't even know what it was)
and took the ball back and put my finger print across the undried ink of the signature.
The red pen was on purpose tho, got that at the Big O too.

Paul Coffey
I've met alot of great sport stars since I've started collecting autographs and
attending signings, so I have many favs. But I chose Coffey because I wasn't
expecting him to be at this event I attended. I went to try and get Glenn Anderson
to sign the same photo (which I did), and to my surprise Paul Coffey was also at
this Old Timers game. He was a childhood hero of mine so that was pretty cool.

Honorable mention: Reggie Jackson - Super nice guy! There was a lineup
waiting for him to arrive and when he got there he walked thru the lineup, greeted
everybody and shook everybody's hand one by one. Great experience!