Forgot to post in my previous thread...


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Since my previous thread was closed i decided to post this failure in a new thread...

I also received an RTS/Failure today from Jim Bunning. He returned by card in my SASE along with a note saying he can no longer sign. Oh well...



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he's been sending back items with the note for a while now, I've gotten the letter myself. On a side note if anyone has Bunning in Tigers uni or a ball thats ft/fs let me know


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Bummer! I guess Mr. Bunning is too busy working hard for his voters here in KY. Or, too busy counting down the days until his retirement. Stinks either way. I think I will try living here and see if that helps any. Let everyone know what comes.


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Bunning had been good about signing for Kentucky folks as they are his voters for awhile but since he has been pretty much forced out it seems as if he has completely stopped ttm. When I got him IP recently, he did NOT want to sign but did end up doing it the 4th time I saw him.


The only TTM successes I have seen from Bunning over the last few years have been from people in Kentucky. I'm guessing if you are a constituent, you stand a much better chance of getting his sig.