Friday's successes incl 1 hard to get HOFer


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Hey all, I haven't posted in this forum here before; but I am working on a 1973 Topps Autographed set.

Here is a link to my site that has scans of my collection.

I've only been working on this since May, my wife got me some additional cards for this set as this was the first Topps set I bought in packs as a kid (yeah, I'm ancient). When I was a kid, I had no idea that I could send cards to players in the mail and I missed out on it first time around...

Anyway, enough of my blather, here is what you wanted to see...

Lindy McDaniel - 11 days

and ...

Don Sutton - 41 days

Thanks for looking and I hope to post more as things progress...

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Nice start to your collection. You're not that ancient because I was trading my 73 Rose's and Bench's for Richie Allen cards.73 & 74 are my favorites. Good luck.


Congrats on the great successes! I'm right there with you on the older sets. I'm also working, slowly but surely, on signed '75, '76, & '77 sets.