FT: 1959 Topps Here's a list of 59's

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FT: 1959 Topps
Here's a list of 59's all of these havesmall initials on the card back.......they are tactfully written in in the blank areas of the card back......some u can barley see. if the card is a team card then that has boxes checked. lmk if u think u can use any. Bill

1959 Topps--M = ink mark on back
2(m),3(m),12(m),16(m),18(m),27(m),30(m),35(m),43(m ),44(m),45(m),48(m),

49(m),54(m),58(m),75(m),81(m),83(m) ,89(m)91(m),94(m),111(m),116(m),117(m),

121(m),126(m),128(m)131(m),133(m),139(m),148(m),15 3(m),173(m),174(m),

206(m),213(m),225(m),252 (m),253(m),254(m),258(m),260(m),261(m),265(m),

272( m),277(m),286(m),309(m )310(m),322(m),361(m),378(m),388(m),394(m),