Gaylord Perry @ Everett AquaSox Game (x18)!!

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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW
Gaylord Perry made an appearance today at the Everett AquaSox game. It was a promotion related back to the Seattle Mariners, of which Everett is a Class A farm team. Perry threw out the first pitch and then signed for two hours after the game started, with a 1 signature per person, per trip through the line policy. No limit on trips through the line, so I took full advantage. My wife and kids burned out quickly, making 3 trips with me including much complaining. Average wait time was less than 10 minutes per trip after the initial trip, which was maybe 30 minutes. I ended up getting everything I could find signed, including his 62, 63, 65, 67, 73, 73 LL, 75 Mini, 76 Topps, 84 Donruss Living Legends, 91 UD Legends and three jersey cards. The Mariners jerseys were #'d/36 and #'d/10. I also got my 1983 Nalley Potato Chip box signed. When I ran out of cards, I got our stubs signed, the last three with a different notation (300 Wins, HOF 91 & 36, his uniform number)!

Perry was not very talkative, blurting out one word answers to most questions where possible. He was rolling balls, tossing cards and such after they were signed, looking quite bored with the process. He took a cellular call on one of my turns, actually trying to sign the 67T with one hand while he held the phone with the other. The card was slipping and I nearly reached out to hold the card for him before he finally finished! He would look up briefly and pose with people for photographs, all keeping a serious look to his face, not smiling much at all. All in all, it looked like he would rather be elsewhere, but he signed for the entire time. He seemed interested in my jersey cards though, stopping to look at each. I told him he probably had never seen the one numbered to 10, as it was numbered so low. He said no and grumbled something about they didn't get his permission! It was pretty funny.

All in all the best autograph experience I have had, short of the 2001 Fan Fest, and that only gets the nod due to the sheer variety of signatures vs. getting one player over and over.

I hate to sound greedy, especially considering the volume, but none of the items are available for trade or sale.

Congrats! Even though he may have not been that pleasant, that's pretty cool for him to sign that long for free and with no limit on the number of trips through.
Nice work! Perry charges $25 per autograph sent to his Carolina home. I need to bite the bullet, send him $25 with this card:
What? I can't believe you didn't bring a jar of K-Y Jelly for him to sign.

Awesome success!!! Congrats!
Wow, I didn't know that. Had I known about the signing with more notice, I would have offered to try to get things signed for people. As it turns out, I could have probably gotten a dozen or more no problem! The wait times were down to single digit minutes between trips and I bailed with 1/2 hour left in the signing with nothing more to have signed!!!

I always heard Bulling was a toughie. Did you get that yourself or was that a purchase?

Nice work! Perry charges $25 per autograph sent to his Carolina home. I need to bite the bullet, send him $25 with this card:
Yes, that is simply an amazing haul that would have cost you in the neighborhood of $450 to get signed if you sent to him TTM. Perry is awesome!