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Apr 16, 2006
I just returned to the hobby after about a 4 year lay off. When I left redemptions like the Topps Red Hot Rookie wasnt yet into play. Im just curious on average how long does it take Topps to get through the announcements of the 10 players in this set? The first 2 came fairly quick and it seems like its been almost a month since a player has been announced and there should be enough quailty rookies that it wouldnt kill them to go ahead and slide say Strasburg, Leake, Hewyard, A. Jackson, Ike Davis and Posey into the mix. That would be 8 of 10 right there. Im probably being impatient but I have #6 and unless its Leake I want to use it to get Leake's. Well unless its strasburg then Im going to look to sell sell sell.
My point exactly even if they only wanted to use 1 per team thats enough for 9 of the 10 annouce it already I see no reason to delay the process. If they think it helps sell the product I think they are wrong with the ???? It honestly has me thinking that the Finest with have the star rookies, and the Red Hots will be 2nd tier guys. The two already named, Chris Heisey, and Colvin to follow suit.
I think topps knows it has the market cornered so it will do things as it pleases. Heck who is going to compete with them now?