Good quality bubble mailers?

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May 1, 2004
Washington, DC/Bedford, MA
Has anyone else had trouble finding a good supplier of bubble mailers? I used to have some good sources, but they've since gone out of business. I've bought several small lots of #000 mailers recently only to receive really poor quality, flimsy mailers that I'm not sure if I trust enough to send cards in.

Anyone have any supplier that they use for low-quantity lots of high-quality bubble mailers? I'd rather not waste any more money on ****** products--can I somehow salvage the ones I bought or should I just throw them away?

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The ones we buy are the Kraft #000 bubble mailers. We buy them in cases of 250 for about $20. Great investment, but if you make larger trades (about 15 cards or more), buy bigger envelopes :)

To me a bubble mailer is a bubble mailer. I buy mine from Walmart/Target or I reuse the ones mailed to me.
I personally go to Walmart and buy the Duck #000 4x7 Bubble Mailers. I love these and feel that they are very reliable. A pack of 10 costs $4.44 + Tax. Only downside is that they can't hold 10+ cards.
I never buy bubble envelopes, but most of my trades go out with a used bubble envelope cut as a sleeve to fit into a small white envelope. I can tape the ends of the sleeve to keep the toploaded card from shifting in the envelope so I think it is a safer bet to arrive without being bent. It sometimes is the difference in shaving the next ounce of postage and with one single toploaded card I'm charged either small envelope $0.88 shipping or even non-machinable $0.64 rate and not the $1.17 large envelope rate.
Mike if you go to the local sam's club
25 #00's or 30 #000's are about $5 +-$.40 with tax included.
Best local buy around here
I can get good mailers from our Walmart or Sams club but Kroger Grocery is the only one that i can find the small ones at plus i reuse some that i receive cards in if i can
In the beginning of I purchased bubble evelopes and did not care who or where their were made......Now days....I pay more...but better qualify and made in the USA! Best regards, David
i always reuse, if we all stopped buying bubble mailers i think we would be fine. i have an abundance of them from all the stuff i have traded/bought in the mail and you should too