Good Topps Redemption Story

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Aug 8, 2004
Manalapan, NJ
I sent in a redemption card to Topps well over a year ago for a 2008 Bowman Jon Deeble Scout Autograph. This was before they did on-line redemptions, so it was mailed in.

I never received the card and lost the photocopy I made of the redemption card before I sent it out. Over time, I just plain forgot about it. No big loss, it was an $8 auto of some MLB scout no one's ever heard of.

Today in the mail, I received a very familiar envelope from Tri-Star fulfillment. I have several redemptions pending so it was no great surprise to get something from Topps, but the envelope was thicker than normal.

I opened it up to find a short letter apologizing for the delay and explaining that Deeble never signed, so they sent me a replacement card "equal in value to the original redemption".

This is what I got:

2009 Topps Uncirculated Andre Dawson Auto

I'd say they exceeded "equal value". I'll take a HOF auto over a scout auto any day. Topps done good with this one. I figured with all the griping they get, it's nice to post a positive story for a change.

On a related note, does anyone know what release this card is from? I couldn't find anything like it on Beckett or on Ebay. It's card #1 if it helps, and it's not serial #'d.


Sweet card!! I personally have never had a problem with Topps!! Its always been UD!!!

Awesome upgrade. Wonder if they sent it before his induction into the HOF. That would be a nice policy of receiving a better card if the one sent in isn't redeemable.
Do you guys remember how Fleer made cards to use as redemption replacements? Maybe that's what this is, only its Topps, not Fleer. Might want to shoot an email over to Beckett with the scan, and maybe they can add it to their database.

Well, I know ONE person here who's going to be sending you a message very soon. :D

i was thinking the same thing lol.

wonder if this is going to be part of the 2010 set...lots of times the years are not the same year as the set depending on when they produce the cards....and the new set should be out very soon.