Got a great 8x10

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
friend was going to the burbank collectors show. so i asked him to find a bob hope auto. wanted one. so he got one for me for 75.00. good price for a hope auto. well i got it and on the back there was 3 more autos of the back of the i did research and got some nice autos w/ the hope. heres the hope

the others from his radio show.... Barbara Jo Allen (aka Vera Vague) was the voice in disney movie the fairy Fauna in Sleeping Beauty. 2nd was FRED HOPE a vetren and nephew of bob hope and 3rd was Jerry Colonna disney movie voice voice of the March Hare in the Walt Disney animated film version of Alice in Wonderland. so kinda cool on the back of the photo to find these....
A very cool vintage piece that an enterprising collector got back in the day. You are correct, as this was a publicity still from his radio show. Pretty sure the sigs on the back were probably done IP at the studio. Probably the same is true for the Bob Hope sig. Congrats on a terrific pick up!
Just thought you might like to know the provenance of what you have there. This was inscribed to "Helen Penny," and was given as a thank you for a job well done, yes? Helen Penny was a radio performer back during the golden age of radio, when people used to huddle around the radio and listen to shows such as Bob Hope's. If you do a google search of "helen penny" and "bob hope," you would find something like this..., Frank&ArtistNumber=13440

This is a list of archived radio shows from that era. Penny is listed as a performer on some shows. How active she was, and how well known she was, would require more research. However, this was most likely given to Ms. Penny by Mr. Hope for performing on his radio show.
ahhh thank u! i tried i thought it said it was bought in a ohio collection and fred hope is from ohio so i thought some how related through him...thanks!